UB3000 | Ultrabatt multiMIGHTY

Ultrabatt Battery Charger
Ultracharger 3A Intelligent Lithium-Ion Battery Charger

Available… more info coming soon!
Specially designed for Ultrabatt Ultralite Batteries, but also charges all other Lithium-Ion motorcycle and car batteries
Ultracharger UB3000 Specifications:

Input Voltage 100-240V, 1A, 50/60Hz
Battery nominal voltage 12V (13.2V)
Max. charge current 3A (45W)
Charge end voltage 14.4V
Dimensions of 118x62x32mm (LxWxH)
Housing color is BLACK
Green LED indicator showing charging status
The Ultracharger UB3000 is supplied including following accessories:

– One set of ring connectors with fuse
– One set of alligator copper clips
– European power plug (or different when needed)
– Manual

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OK time to leak out some specifications on the new Ultrabatt PowerBlades.

Same modular design as current PowerBlades (just click together as many as you need to build whatever size motorcycle or car battery that you need). MASSIVE step up in power and capacity over what were already the class leading Lithium batteries.

Now available in two PowerBlade sizes.

PowerBlade Mini 150 Cranking Amps (66% more than previous generation PowerBlade)

PowerBlade Max 300 Cranking Amps! (233% more than previous generation PowerBlade!!)

Watch this space for more specifications over the next couple of weeks.
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Yes Torque Power Motorcles

Any chance on some dimensions on the new batteries, especially the 300cca version?

Sounds great, I have been extremely happy with my 3 blade pack that I have been running on my Guzzi for the last 4 years! Is there at present a distributor in Australia?

Wo kann man die kaufen?

Some very exciting news coming very shortly. Ultrabatt are about to revolutionise the Lithium battery technology yet again.

Gen 2: First Lithium motor vehicle batteries with inbuilt BMS

Gen 3: Photo below. First modular lithium battery system (scalable to any size) and also first lithium battery with replaceable $2 safety fuse. Industry leading weight and size.

Gen 4: Coming very soon with all the advantages of existing Gen 3 batteries plus major innovations and MASSIVE power increase.

At this stage we are expecting stock of Gen 4 batteries to arrive in 8 weeks. Price is projected to be the same as current Gen 3 batteries, but with more grunt for your buck.
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LiFepo4? Meaning you can charge it to 100% and utilise the full battery capacity not just a portion like in old Lipo's? That's why you getting the extra grunt and capacity?

A distributors experience....

NZ Distributor FastBikeGear: "I am going to regret this....touch wood and all that. I just wanted too boast about the extraordinary reliability and 10 year target life span of the Ultrabatt lithium batteries. Incredibly the last battery warranty claim we received was for a battery sold over two and half years ago. This means we have had 0% warranty claims on any batteries sold in the last two years!

This is extraordinary as in the old days (over 6 years ago) when we sold lead acid batteries we used to see warranty claims on 25% of all batteries sold within the two year warranty period!.

But a lack of warranty failures is only the tip of the success story.....About six years ago we began importing Ultrabatt batteries into New Zealand. The first ones we brought in were known as 'second generatio'n lithium batteries by some in the industry, denoting that they had an internal BMS (Battery Management System) circuit designed to convert a vehicles lead acid battery charging system to one idealised for lithium batteries. This innovation meant the cells in the batteries were always receiving the correct balanced charging profile which greatly improved the life span and reliability of the batteries. We saw way less than a 5% failure rate on these batteries over the warranty period on this version.

One of these 2nd gen batteries from the very first batch did service in Nick Coles race bike for a a couple of years. It then made it's way into my Ducati 900SS, a bike renowned for it's difficult starting and ability to eat lead acid batteries. It has lived there every since and still provides faultless service. It is well on it's way to meting it's 10 year target life....

A few years later and, Ultrabatt began making 3rd generation batteries (the current ones). Which as well as including the BMS also have an internal replaceable safety fuse (which has proved worth it's weight in gold for a few customers who have accidentally shorted out their batteries with tools etc). The third generation ones are also modular which has huge advantages when swapping batteries between bikes, etc. Not having warranty claims is a huge cost savings for us and and obvious benefit to our customers!"
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These are awesome batteries. I would definitely use again

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